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WES ANDERSON’s Grand Budapest Hotel

Adrien Brody behind the scenes of The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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"For my wedding, he gave me three petrified dragon eggs. He believed - the world believed - the ages had turned them to stone. How many centuries had it been since dragons roamed the skies? But I dreamt that if I carried those eggs into a great fire they would hatch. When I stepped into the fire, my own people thought I was mad. But when the fire burned out, I was unhurt. The mother of dragons.”

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“Man, family is the most important thing in the world.”

—   Johnny Depp (via thecrowdedmindofjohnnydepp)

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GLEN KEANE is such a great source of inspiration! His work was magic, one of the best animators ever!!

Wait… this man is 50 years old!

…wait… this man is JOHNNY DEPP.

Transcendence Premiere in Los Angeles